STF-27-4KAdjustable bedstead mechanismSTF-27-4KAdjustable bedstead mechanism

STF-27 4K Pulback frame

* STF-27 4K Adjustable Pull Back Frame
* Electric adjustable 5 Knik Boxsprings frames with pull back function to pull the box ca 26 cm to the headboard side
* Can be equipped with furniture legs to his affirmations made this choice of M8
The quality motor Galaxy imported by us can be mounted to the frame

Name Description
Meterial: Metal
Color: Black coated
Dimensions Width: 65 cm lenght 180 cm
Height: Total 6cm
Mounting: With special brackets to head, foot and side boards, which can be inserted into the frame. There are bolt sizes made of 80-90-100 cm wide beds.
Dimension: 180x65x6cm

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